Air conditioning at home or in the office will provide you with thermal comfort. We offer proven solutions based on the most modern devices. We make sure that the air-conditioning serves your health and well-being.

The air conditioner is a device designed for cooling rooms. Its composition includes a fan, an evaporator, a condenser and a compressor. The fan’s task is to force air movement on the evaporator, which is inside the cooled room. The cooling air from the room on the evaporator transfers the heat to the indirect refrigerant, which is circulating gas in a closed circuit. Its temperature increases as a result of compressing it in the compressor. Next, the intermediate factor goes to the outdoor condenser. The heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the outside air, the gas condenses and changes into a liquid under high pressure. In this form it goes to the expansion valve in which the pressure and temperature are reduced. The liquid which is a cooled factor goes to the evaporator again, where it is heated from the air in the room and becomes gas again. Air conditioning is a rather complicated process.

Air conditioners with control systems are able to maintain the optimum temperature in the rooms. They can also, although to a limited extent, maintain the desired air humidity. Most of the available solutions operate based on the principle that the evaporator and fan are the indoor unit, and the condenser and compressor are the external unit. These units are connected with each other by freon wires. Thanks to such a solution, the outdoor unit can be located far away from the place where people are. This solution does not mean, however, that the air conditioning will work to a lesser extent.

Air conditioners that have indoor and outdoor units belong to split air conditioners. The indoor units of the air conditioner are increasingly equipped with an air filter, heat pump or electric heater. These devices can replace heating systems. The temperature regulation range is +16 ~ + 30 ° C.

Such operation of air conditioners means that we can set the right cooling temperature in a given room. It is worth noting that the difference in temperature at the court and in the building is not too big, as it is not beneficial for people staying in the air-conditioned room. Incorrectly used air conditioning can be the cause sore throat or headache, therefore, you should familiarize yourself with a few fundamental principles of its use.