We perform sound intensity measurements in various places, such as offices, schools, hotels, conference rooms, production plants, sports facilities, etc. Measurements are made using professional equipment that precisely measures the sound level.

  • Analysis of the results: After the measurements, we analyze the results, comparing them with the applicable standards and guidelines for noise levels in a given environment. Based on these results, we can assess whether the noise level is acceptable and meets the standards, or whether there is a need for corrective action.
  • Recommendations and solutions: Based on the results of measurements and analysis, we provide our clients with detailed reports and recommendations for improving acoustic conditions. We can suggest various solutions, such as sound insulation, installation of appropriate sound-absorbing materials, regulation of noise-generating machinery or equipment, or the use of other strategies to improve acoustic comfort in a given environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Sound/noise measurements are also important for compliance with applicable regulations and standards. In some industries, such as industry, protecting workers’ hearing is a legal requirement. Therefore, our measurements are also used to verify that noise levels meet occupational health and safety standards.

Our sound/noise measurement services are designed to improve acoustic comfort in a variety of environments, ensure regulatory compliance and protect the health and safety of workers and users. We follow international measurement standards and guidelines to deliver accurate results and professional recommendations.

Do pomiarów natężenia dźwięku/hałasu stosujemy miernik DLM-101, który jest w pełni cyfrowym, jednozakresowym całkującym miernikiem poziomu dźwięku o dokładności odpowiadającej klasie 1.