Measurements of ventilation effectiveness are aimed at assessing the efficiency of the ventilation system in supplying the right amount of fresh air to the rooms and checking the correct operation of fan units operating in air handling units. Our team of specialists conducts comprehensive measurements that take into account air flow, temperature distribution and other factors affecting the effectiveness of ventilation. We analyze the results and provide recommendations to optimize the ventilation system and ensure proper indoor air quality.

  • • temperature and humidity measurements: We take precise temperature and humidity measurements in various areas and rooms. These data are important when assessing thermal comfort and appropriate air quality. The analysis of the measurement results enables the identification of areas with inappropriate thermal and humidity conditions, which allows the implementation of corrective or optimization measures.
  • • checking the efficiency of air handling units: We carry out measurements and analyzes of the efficiency of air handling units. Thanks to these tests, it is possible to assess the effectiveness of individual system components, identify potential problems and provide recommendations for optimizing the operation of air handling units.
  • regulation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems: We regulate and adapt the operating parameters of ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Thanks to precise measurements and analyses, we are able to optimize technical and regulatory parameters, such as air flow, temperature or humidity, to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency of the system.

Our services are aimed at clients from various sectors, such as commercial, industrial, educational and medical construction. We operate in accordance with current standards and regulations to provide high-quality services and achieve optimal results for our clients.

We use the testo 420 balometer to measure the effectiveness of ventilation systems.

The testo 420 balometer, designed for measurements on larger ventilation grilles, including swirl diffusers, allows you to quickly and easily meet the guidelines and standards for air quality in rooms with a large volume. It provides reliable data to perform total volumetric flow calculations in HVAC systems, particularly in hospitals, office buildings and commercial buildings.

High accuracy of measurements on swirl diffusers thanks to the built-in air stream straightener.

The air flow rate is the basic parameter measured on swirl diffusers. A frequent cause of incorrect measurement of the air flow, and thus the related expenditure, are stream swirls at the outlets of diffusers.

The testo 420 balometer significantly reduces measurement errors. The integrated airflow straightener calms turbulence, turning the current airflow into a virtually uniform flow. This enables accurate determination of the flow rate in the range of 80 to 3,500 m3/h.